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How We Make Your Windows Gleam!


With all of our window cleaning options, we use an 8 step process to clean the glass:

Step 1: We brush and wiped the frames of dust, cobwebs, spider nests, etc

Step 2: We apply a solution to the glass in preparation for step 3.

Step 3: We use top quality tools such as industry standard scrapers, steel or bronze wool, and loose wound microfiber clothes to remove all debris, water stains & spots, bird debris, etc from the glass.

Step 4: We rewipe the frames to eliminate the dirt and grunge left over from step 3.

Step 5: We re-apply the solution to the glass for the final removal of all debris for a gleaming result.

Step 6: Using industry standard and top quality squeegees on the market, we use fresh and clean squeegees to remove the solution from the glass.

Step 7: We wipe the frames from the leftover solution in step 6 and do a 3-point inspection of the glass to ensure there is no debris or streaks left behind.

Step 8: We do a final touch up of the glass, if needed, and wipe the glass border from remaining solution. We do a final inspection of the window to see if we can notice any broken seals, cracks, chips or anything else that may impact the future of the window. ­čÖé

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